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Monday, November 5, 2007

San Diego considers beach booze ban

As a former resident of San Diego (1992-2005) I'm not happy with the thought of banning alcohol at the beach. I can't imagine an Over The Line (OTL) weekend that would be booze free. It's not that you have to be drinking to enjoy the beach, but that drinking at the beach is a very pleasurable experience. I would hate to see the actions of one mob ruin it for everyone.

Anyone familiar with the history of San Diego beach culture would know that there have always been fights down at the beach, and there probably always will be fights. You also know how to avoid getting into a fight, and who is going to fight. This isn't some Jekyl and Hyde unexpected transformation.

By the way, the guys who want to fight are going to break the rules anyway. There are already laws against fighting - let's just enforce those against the bad element and leave the law abiding folks alone.

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