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Don't be a Drunk Dialer - A public service from Hammered.com

You shouldn't dial the phone when you are drunk. People end up calling up their ex, making booty calls - generally making an ass of themselves. Call us instead. I'll post up any of the voicemail messages worthy of consideration.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hammered.com mission statement

Hammered.com is not a celebration of drinking - but a reflection of the reality that sometimes in life, people get hammered. Sometimes it is pretty, sometimes it is ugly.

This site isn't intended for children. Hopefully if you have children you have some sort of filtering system that will keep them out. I can't make the world safe for your children, that's your job.

This site is a hobby for now, and I can't afford to be sued. Any lawsuits should be directed me in email :) I will probably cave even though I am well aware of my rights. Try contacting me first before you sue me, I'm really a reasonable guy.

Please don't take this site more seriously than you would a guy standing on the corner of a major city sitting with a sign soliciting cash. I'm not some industry insider who is going to break major news and I'm not looking to slander/libel/smear anyone.

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